Payroll got you bogged down? Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

Payroll Company Lakeland, FL

Things to consider when picking a payroll company:

✔️Cost – Price is always an important factor and is usually based on the number of employees and the services provided.

At Straight-Line we offer “Straight” forward pricing. Our goal is to offer easy-to-understand solutions, without hidden fees or surprise charges. The quickest way to get from one point to another is a straight line, and at Straight-Line, we also believe that upfront honesty gets everyone there even faster. Our local payroll firm offers personalized service and customized solutions at a more affordable price.

✔️Services – Do you know what services you may need for your company both monthly and yearly?  Is there room to grow with flexibility in expanding the services?

You may not even really know what services you'd like to use; You just know that you need help. You are in luck, one of Straight-Line's experts will sit down with you to evaluate your current payroll process and provide recommendations for the services and solutions that will best meet your needs.

✔️Company Location – Are they local? Often with larger payroll organizations, your business will become just another number. It's essential to have someone that understands your business and the unique challenges you face each day.

With Straight-Line, you work with someone who knows your name and has personal knowledge of your account, not some random receptionist at a call center for a one-size-fits-all impersonal payroll company. We understand that every business is unique and has different needs and requirements, and we go out of our way to accommodate each client individually. 

✔️Support – No one wants to worry about technical issues when it comes to payroll. Time is money, and if there's an issue, you want to be confident that assistance is available, pronto.

Straight-Line provides 24/7 support available via phone, text, email or through Facebook. Most issues can be resolved within minutes. You won't find this level of support from any other payroll service.

✔️Recommendations - Regarded as a critical measurement of success, recommendations such as online reviews help companies gauge the effectiveness of a payroll service. In addition to reading reviews, reach out to people you trust who can provide suggestions based on their experiences.

At Straight-Line, our customers come first, and they have come to rely upon our experience and knowledge to guide them through the challenges inherent in the payroll process. Our customer's reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

✔️Easy To Use - Clients want a full-service payroll process to make their lives easier. A business owner spends an average of 6 hours a month if they handle payroll themselves, costing them priceless hours and money. Finding a payroll company with an easy-to-use system will simplify the payroll process and take away any of the guesswork while saving time inhouse.

We offer full-service payroll processing allowing businesses to simply call, email, fax, text, or enter their employees hours online. Our team enters new hires, deductions, and earnings. We make it easy so you can spend your time generating more income for your business.

✔️A Tax Expert - Everyone is always looking to hire the best, and in the payroll business that means finding a tax filing expert who can handle Federal, State, and local tax filings promptly and accurately.

We take on the fiduciary responsibility of making your tax payments timely and accurate—no more tax penalties for late or incorrect reporting..