Small Business PEO Services

PEO Services Lakeland, FL

Using the knowledge and expertise of a PEO, small businesses can easily create reputable standardized human resource policies and practices along with numerous other resources to their employees.

When considering and comparing PEOs, several factors should be considered to determine the best provider for your individual business. Although most providers offer similar services including pricing, payroll software features, the minimum number of employees the PEO requires and whether some of its services can be customized, Straight-Line guarantees a tailored HR solution to assist in effectively managing your employee-related risks and responsibilities.

How does a PEO and co-employment work?

Under a co-employment model, a PEO can "own" hundreds of thousands of employees across thousands of individual businesses in the U.S. Grouping these employees and business together helps drive down labor burdens and making HR standardization an easy process for small to medium size businesses. PEO and a client company share and allocate responsibilities to allow the business to focus on the providing an exceptional product or service to their clients without assuming the additional burden of issues like risk management, payroll, and HR management. The PEO provides a complete human resource and benefit package for employees.

PEOs help manage these basic HR services:

  • Benefits administration, Group Insurance, Section 125 plans and COBRA
  • Government compliance
  • HR administration (Forms and Documents)
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Payroll administration and processing of payroll
  • Safety programs (OSHA compliance)
  • State unemployment insurance
  • Federal and State Tax compliance
  • Workers' compensation Payments and Claims Management
  • Retirement plans – 401(k), 403(b), IRAs, Roth IRAs and More…

How Much Does It Cost to Partner with Straight-Line’s PEO offering?

The cost of a PEO depends on the specific features you need, the number of employees you have, and how often you are processing payroll.

Straight-Line offers two pricing structures.

  1. The first involves charging on a per-employee, per-month basis (PEPM).
  2. The second involves charging the client based on a percentage of their total gross payroll. Many PEOs only offer one type of pricing structure.

Another factor that influences pricing with Straight-Line is the ability to bundle your business’s insurances. Most PEOs do not offer or write all lines of commercial insurances under the same roof. Straight-Line can write your General Liability, Auto Liability, Property and Bonds to simplify the process.

(Hint: Insurance commissions are built into the cost of the premiums that you are already paying for, so why not leverage the relationship and make one phone call??)

Questions we hear from clients:

“How is Straight-Line so competitive on pricing and rates?”

Answer: Straight-Line is a registered Employee Leasing Company in the state of Florida and our workers’ compensation policies are managed in-house by our insurance agency, Straight-Line Insurance. We also do not use PEO Brokers or employ PEO Brokers. Everything is done in-house, which give us the ability to control and manage each client specifically, giving the client the best possible and yet affordable experience.

“Is there a Minimum Number of Employees I must have to use Straight-Line’s PEO?”

Answer: Most PEOs have employee minimums (typically 5 employees) and contract requirements (typically one year). Most PEOs give you the option to cancel services with a 30-day notice. Straight-Line does not have an annual service contract, nor a minimum required number of employees. If you are unhappy with Straight-Line’s services at any time, you are free to go to another provider without penalty.